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  • Saturday 31st August and Sunday 1st September 



    Doors open: 12:00

    Last Entry: 20:00

    Close: 23:00 


    Doors open: 12:00

    Last Entry: 20:00

    Close: 22:00 


    Site address: Durdham Down, Circular Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS9 1NE 

    What3Words location: Lace, Edge, Wished


  • FORWARDS is open to all ages, however under 18’s will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult (18+).

    Anyone aged between 5-17 will need to purchase a kids ticket.

    Children aged 4 or under go free, but still need to register for their free ticket.

    We will be operating a Challenge 25 policy for alcohol on all bars, so be sure to bring your ID with you. We will need to see an ID with your name, face, and the holographic PASS logo on it. If you’re hesitant to bring a driver’s licence or passport, please look into getting a CitizenCard from the Post Office

  • Gates open at 12pm each day.

  • Last entry to the event is 20:00 Saturday, 19:00 Sunday.

  • There is no general re-entry to the festival. However, we do have an official Parental Re-admission Policy in place. Someone who has a child will be allowed to leave the site to drop them off and then come back in without the child. This policy only extends to people who are leaving the site with a child and must still be cleared with security at the main gate. Re-entry will not be granted in any other circumstances. Please make sure that you (or whichever adult) is taking the children off site speaks to the team at the main gate BEFORE leaving as you MUST collect a pass out and be back on site by 20:00 Saturday, 19:00 Sunday. If no pass out is collected then you will not be allowed to come back on to the site.

  • Prohibited Items

    ​Please note, the following items are prohibited and will prevent entry to site:


    • Fireworks, laser pens, or flares

    • Alcohol, illicit drugs, or legal highs including nitrous oxides

    • Animals (with the exception of assistance dogs)

    • Selfie sticks and gimbals

    • Umbrellas

    • Glass (this includes perfume bottles and similar containers)

    • Cans

    • Hi-Vis waistcoats, jackets or vests

    • Bicycles or scooters

    • Food, drink, cool boxes, picnic hampers (with the exception of medical requirement or baby bottles)

    • Pens or paint

    • Loose glitter

    • Unmanned aerial vehicles (aka Drones)

    • Anything which could be considered an offensive weapon or could cause danger or nuisance.

    • Disposable/single-use vapes

    All confiscated items will not be returned. If you believe you need an exception to this list, please email and we will do our best to assist you.


  • There is no general public parking on the site. There will be road closures and parking exclusions in the surrounding area, so please come to the festival on foot, by bike or public transport.

    ​There is an allocated drop off / pick up point approximately 500m from the festival site for taxis / Ubers. (What3Words: Cowboy.Roses.Units)

  • We will have a limited amount of bike parking. If you would like to use it, please make sure you bring a lock. All bikes are left at owner’s risk.

  • There is an allocated drop off / pick up point on Ladies Mile, approximately 500m from the festival site for Taxis / Ubers (What3Words: Cowboy.Roses.Units)

  • Residents in affected areas will be notified ahead of any closures by post. If you have a specific concern relating to closures, please email

  • Yes! A dedicated Shuttle bus service will be running. Please check back for more details as these will be confirmed nearer to the festival date.

  • We will be offering coach travel package deals from a number of locations around the UK. Please check back nearer the festival date, or keep an eye on our social media feeds for any news!


  • First, please check the provider you purchased your ticket through, as we have multiple ticket providers who each have their own terms of service. Actual tickets will not be sent out until nearer to the festival date, but after purchase you should receive a confirmation email with all the information you need.


    Please only buy tickets from authorised agents. Beware of touts and unauthorised ticket agents selling tickets as there is no guarantee of their authenticity. You will be refused entry if you attempt to use a counterfeit ticket. Please note that tickets are non-transferable.

  • We want to make our event as accessible as possible - please contact us at if you would like to attend but are facing financial difficulties. 

    If you are on disability based benefits, you may be eligible for a free companion / PA ticket. Please consult the Accessibility section at the top of this page for more information.

  • It's a shame you can't join us this year, but don't worry! We will open a dedicated Tixel page for fan-to-fan resale once the event sells out.


  • We have the following accessible provisions at the festival:

    • Personal Assistant / Companion Ticket

    • Viewing Platforms 

    • Accessible Parking

    • Accessible Toilets 

    • Lowered Bar Areas


    If you would like to register to use any of these facilities, please read “How Can I Book Accessibility Provisions” below. 


    If you require a provision we have not listed here, please email for clarification and advice.

  • The following information provides details about the bookable accessible provisions at the festival. If you have any questions that are not answered below please contact


    If you would like to register to use any of the following accessible facilities.

    • Personal Assistant / Companion Ticket

    • Viewing Platforms 

    • Accessible Parking

    • Accessible Toilets 

    • Lowered Bar Areas


    Firstly, you will need to purchase a ticket through our website, and then complete the ACCESSIBILITY FORM by selecting the facilities you wish to use. You will also need to upload some supporting evidence along with your application. (Please read the form for details of suggested documents). Once you have submitted your form we will get back to you within two weeks to let you know if it has been approved.


    Please note that submission of the form alone does not automatically guarantee eligibility for use of the accessible facilities. If you have any queries about eligibility, please contact us prior to purchasing your ticket at


    If you require the form in an alternative format please contact us at or call 0117 9411611.

    Our accessible facilities will only be available to ticket holders who have pre-registered their requirements. This is to ensure that we have time to put appropriate provisions in place on site. Please complete the form no later than 4th of August 2023. Information Packs will be sent out to anyone who has successfully registered during the week before the event.

  • Festival Site Information:

    FORWARDS will be taking place on Durdham Downs which is an open green-field site. It has some limited pavement and tarmac paths on the peripheral entrances and exits, however most of the space consists of grass and green space. While there will be some sheltered areas (some stalls and marquees), it is predominantly an open-air event. Ground conditions are therefore weather dependent, if we experience extreme weather the ground may become muddy and the grass may well get churned up. This means that mobility across the site may become compromised. We ask you to consider this before purchasing a ticket.


    Induction Loops:

    There will be an induction loop at the Accessibility Box Office.


    British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreters:

    We are planning to have BSL interpreters for some of the performances at FORWARDS this year.  Please contact for more information.


    Assistance Dogs:

    We welcome assistance dogs on the site. There will be an area provided for toileting and drinking. Please let us know on your form if you are bringing one in advance of the event. To organise this please contact



    Please note that strobe effects may be used at this event. However, there will not be any specific announcements prior to their use.


    Accessoloo is an onsite changing facility with toilet, hoist and changing table that will be joining us. N.B. Please bring your own sling if you wish to use the hoist.


    Medical Services and Welfare Area:

    We have an onsite medical tent with trained First Aiders should customers need this service. 


    Diverse Break Out Space:

    In addition, we have an onsite sensory break out space provided by Diverse UK. This space aims to provide a safe, low level stimulation and recalibration zone for those on the Autistic Spectrum or for those who need a place to have a moment of calm, rather than having to leave the festival. 


    If you have any queries, please contact or call 0117 941 1611.


    Please note: The disabled access facilities are for festival goers with permanent disabilities – pregnant people and/or people with recent injuries such as broken legs, hip replacements etc do not qualify.


    We take our accessibility seriously and therefore there will be a small number of Mystery Shopper tickets available to disabled customers. For more information please go to the AIE website here

  • This is predominately an open-air event, and while there will be some sheltered and seated areas, most stages and viewing platforms will be uncovered. Please consider this and prepare for the increasingly unpredictable and adverse British summer. Prepare for rain and mud or heat and dust by bringing layers and packable clothing such as waterproof coats, hats and sunglasses. Ground conditions are also weather dependent; if we experience extreme weather the ground may become muddy and the grass may well get churned up, so appropriate footwear is advised. In extreme heat, the ground may become dusty so those with sensitivities or allergies should come prepared with any medications in their original packaging and with prescription labels.



  • We have a fully equipped Medical Centre on site that is manned by qualified staff. Please make yourself aware of its location as you enter the festival. If you suspect somebody is unwell take them to the Medical Tent. If in severe cases they are not moving, please do not attempt to move the individual. Alert a member of Security or a Steward immediately who will call for the exact help needed. 

    If you take any medication regularly remember to bring it with you in the original packaging with your prescription label on it and make your friends aware of any illness or allergies you may have. Look after yourself and those around you.

    The Welfare Tent is located right next to the Medical Centre. If you need to grab a quiet five minutes or just want someone to talk to, the Welfare Tent provides a safe and non-judgemental space to do this.

  • FORWARDS is a space created in Bristol for people to come together; we prioritise inclusivity and want to make sure everyone feels safe to express themselves at our festival. We would like to emphasise that we expect each person at the event to behave with respect for others and their boundaries. 


    We will not tolerate any kind of harassment. Speak to our team if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable or notice something happening to someone else that doesn’t feel right. Don’t be a bystander. Being an active bystander means being aware of when someone’s behaviour is inappropriate or threatening and choosing to challenge it. If you do not feel comfortable doing this directly, then get someone to help you such as a friend or someone in authority.


    Before stepping in, try the ABC approach.

    Assess for safety: If you see someone in trouble, ask yourself if you can help safely in any way. Remember, your personal safety is a priority – never put yourself at risk.

    Be in a group: It’s safer to call out behaviour or intervene in a group. If this is not an option, report it to others who can act.

    Care for the victim: Talk to the person who you think may need help. Ask them if they are OK.


    Never put yourself in danger. Only intervene if it is safe to do so. In any other instance, please approach stewards, welfare staff or any other team members you can spot (they will be wearing FORWARDS lanyards).

    We support the Halt Harassment Campaign and our staff across our site are briefed to support you with incidents and take appropriate action immediately, discreetly, and efficiently.  You can find members of the security and stewarding teams positioned across the site, and specially qualified staff are located in the Safer Spaces and Welfare Tents. They are there to help you, please speak to them if you have anything you want to talk about or report.


    We are inspired by bringing together culture and community through festivals and events. We want our spaces to be inclusive of people from all backgrounds, diverse in output, and a place where people can come together to share their knowledge, experience, and culture in a space that is open and accessible for all.


    If you would like to read our full Inclusion, Diversity & Equality statement, please click HERE.

  • If for any reason you feel unsafe or notice something that doesn’t seem right, we are proud to have Safer Spaces Now on site, a team dedicated to the emotional wellbeing and safety of festival audiences. Safer Spaces Now is a community interest company that was set up to help educate and create a culture that confronts and prevents sexual violence, harassment and domestic abuse at festivals and events; providing all women and girls access to specialist support, reporting and ongoing localised referral pathways. They are gender informed but their services are gender inclusive, turning no one away that needs a safe space.

    They use specially trained outreach teams educating and engaging festival goers, staff and vendors with zero tolerance and don't be a bystander messaging, to de-stigmatise talking about and reporting sexual violence. Their tents are set up as a welcoming safe space where people can come and hang out, use facilities and escape to some calmness. The tents also provide a safe space for people to report incidents and get the professional support they need.

    Please read here for more info, or come find the Safer Spaces Now team on site. Their tent is next to the Info and Welfare tents.


  • The Kids Area will have lots on offer to entertain the children. Expect crafts, dance, workshops, and more!  For more information and details on how to sign up to some of the experiences, please check out the Kids Area page.

    The Kids Area is open from 12:00 - 18:00, we recommend arriving early so as not to miss out on any performances.



  • We wish to harness the power of live events to bring people together for incredible music moments and positive change. We understand that our activities and festival will always have an effect on our surroundings, but wish to create better & greener practices with everyone that attends or works at FORWARDS.


    Reducing the impact our festival has on the planet is one of our core values and we’ll try our best to consider sustainability in every element of the festival.

    As a Vision: 2025 member, we are putting measures in place to significantly reduce our climate impacts by 2025.

    We pledge to:

    • Develop and publish a net zero strategy.  

    • Measure emissions annually.

    • Reduce consumption of fossil fuels onsite.

    • Reduce waste and aim for 50% (or more) recycling rates.

    • Improve accountability and the sustainability of food sourcing.

    To get to FORWARDS, you can:

    • Walk, cycle or scoot, we have parking facilities at the entrance of the site

    • Jump in our shuttle bus to the festival site, which is carbon-balanced with Ecolibrium.

    • We're lucky to be close to the city centre, which makes it easy to use low-emission transport to get to the site.

    When onsite you'll find that we are:

    • Getting rid of single-use plastics on site as part of “Drastic on Plastic” campaign.

    • Providing plenty of recycling bins, so please make sure you put your rubbish into the correct bin.

    • Offering more veggie and vegan food options, with lots of new traders joining us.

    • Powered by HVO biofuel generators and have now implemented some BMW electric cars for artist transport.

    Please remember to: 

    • Bring your own refillable water bottles to use at one of our many Frank Water refill points around the site.

    • Be mindful of your water usage, don't waste a drop.

    • Try and avoid food wastage, don’t order more than you can eat.

    • Look up the weather forecast and bring adequate clothing and footwear.

    • Use the toilets onsite and outside of the festival. Do not urinate on the premises!

    We want to know your views on sustainability at FORWARDS, please keep an eye out for our sustainability reps! They will be onsite and conducting short surveys, if you can, spare them a minute of your time so we can make things even better.


    The Downs is a gorgeous site which we care about, please help us keep the ground clean and wildlife happy & healthy!


  • Trader applications are now closed for this year. We will open our pre-registration for 2025 later this year.


  • Volunteer at festivals and raise money for a charity of your choice! 

    Volunteering is a gateway to making unforgettable friends while getting free entry to FORWARDS. Volunteering with My Cause UK means you become part of a community that is exciting, adventurous, and passionate about making a change in the world we live in.

    For more information & details on how to apply, head here.

  • Applications to join our bar staff team are now open! Please apply via the link here



  • To get in touch with us, please email:

  • During the weekend, please go to The Info Tent (located near the Main Gate) if you lose or find something. If you need to contact us about lost property after the show, please email Found property will be held for 1 month before being destroyed or handed to authorities.

  • We will be running a cloakroom at the Info Tent. Price per item and further details will be confirmed nearer to the festival date.

  • FORWARDS will be taking place on Durdham Downs which is an open air green-field site. It has some limited pavement and tarmac paths on the peripheral entrances and exits, however most of the space consists of grass and green space. While there will be some sheltered areas (some stalls and marquees), it is predominantly an open-air event, with both stages uncovered. We would advise all attendees to be prepared for the unpredictable and increasingly adverse British summer weather. Prepare for rain and mud or heat and dust by bringing layers and packable clothing such as waterproof coats, hats and sunglasses. Ground conditions are also weather dependent; if we experience extreme weather the ground may become muddy and the grass may well get churned up, or may dry out unevenly, so appropriate footwear is advised.

Food & Drink

  • We operate a cashless system across all the bars at FORWARDS. Some traders and fairground rides may still accept cash payments, but please ensure you are able to pay on card or Apple / Google Pay before entering the site.

    We will once again be running our reusable cup scheme across all bars. There will be a levy on your first cup - if you always bring your empty cup back to the bar, you won’t be charged again.

  • We can’t allow attendees to bring their own food and drink into the venue. There will be plenty of reasonably-priced bars and traders on site providing a wide variety of refreshments all day long. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options will be available.

    There should be food available to cater for most dietary requirements but please do check with each individual vendor in advance of purchasing food if you have particular requirements or allergies. If you have concerns or wish to speak with someone regarding a special dietary requirement which impacts your health, please contact


    We encourage attendees to bring their own empty reusable water bottles, and there will be multiple water refilling stations around the site.

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